Federal Home Assurance is a proud seller of best-in-class protection plans for the home. A Federal Home Assurance Protection Plan can help you save time and money on covered claims. Our driving focus is your peace of mind. The Contract Administrator’s network of authorized technicians is a phone call or log in away from helping you with covered claims.

The Federal Home Assurance management team, collectively, has over 100 years of experience as business owners in various service industries including the insurance and construction fields. Harnessing that breadth of knowledge to deliver unparalleled customer service is our mission. Everyone has far greater worries in life than the inconvenience of repairing household items. Simply put, the customer is, has, and always will be the center of our universe.
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Why Choose a Federal Home Assurance Protection Plan?
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The Federal Home Assurance Team

The Federal Home Assurance team of dedicated employees is committed to providing the very best in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to create value for our customers who purchase service contracts after the point of sale. Federal Home Assurance wants to let our customers know that service contracts are available even if the product has not been recently purchased, and our plans cover many brands of products. The service contract Administrator for Federal Home Assurance plans has many years of experience in the industry.
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Plans are currently not available in CA & FL.

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INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN IS FOR ILLUSTRATION/SUMMARY PURPOSES ONLY. Terms and Conditions apply. Click here to review a copy of the Federal Home Assurance Protection Plan (hereinafter the "Extended Service Contract" or "Contract"). Coverage under the Contract is issued and provided by AMT Warranty Corp., which is not affiliated with any manufacturer. Warrantech Consumer Product Services, Inc. is the Service Contract Administrator (License #187 in Texas). Plans are marketed by Federal Home Assurance, LLC.

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