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150DPCK6WHPick 6 Appliances Plus Water Heater$36.45$36.45$2.55
150DPICK3Pick 3 Electronics$36.45$36.45$2.55
150HEATHVAC Heating$28.04$28.04$1.96
150COOLHVAC Cooling$28.04$28.04$1.96
1ONETIMEOne-Time Enrollment Fee$35.00$35.00$0.00
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  • I acknowledge that there is a thirty (30) day waiting period from the day of purchase.
  • I hereby authorize Federal Home Assurance, LLC or its payment vendor to charge my debit card or credit card (as designated by me) each month for the cost of coverage for my Service Contract.
  • I am the card holder or an authorized user of the debit card or credit card provided.
  • Claim limits and appliance age limits apply. Heating and Cooling Plans do not include replacement.

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Plans are currently not available in CA & FL.

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